Batchelors have been creating tasty food for over 100 years. William Batchelor, a former tea salesman, began the company in 1895 and has been supplying vegetables to busy British homes ever since.

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You know a little bit about our history and how we started but do you know where your peas come from? Well they’re 100% British and we love supporting local farmers. Click on the cans to see what part of Britain each pea comes from.


Original Mushy Peas

Interesting pea facts

Based on the number of Mushy Pea can sold last year, if all cans were laid end to end – number of times they would go around the earth is 8!



Marrowfat Bigga Peas

Interesting pea facts

If you stacked up all the cans of Marrowfat peas sold last year they would be the same height as 28 Mount Everests!


Delicious Small Peas

Interesting pea facts

Did you know that garden peas are harvested using a viner, whereas mushy and marrowfat peas are harvested using a combine!

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From pod to plate

Find out how locally sourced get from the farm to your plate.

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