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Pea and Mint Hummus

Pea and mint hummusA delicious dip for gatherings and parties, this Pea and Mint Hummus is wonderfully vibrant and herby, with lots of freshly chopped mint and garlic. Impress your guests with this tasty twist on the chickpea classic, which can be whipped up in minutes.


You’ll need some
of these!

Hand writting



300g Batchelors Mushy Peas

250g chickpeas

30g tahini

40ml sesame oil

10g fresh mint

20g garlic

2g salt

0.5g white pepper

Poppy Seed Crisps

150g ciabatta loaf

5g poppy seeds

15ml rapeseed oil



For the hummus:⁠⁠ Mix the chickpeas, tahini paste, sesame oil, Mushy Peas, fresh chopped mint, salt, white pepper & garlic in a bowl⁠⁠. ⁠⁠Using a stick blender to blend the hummus until smooth⁠⁠.


For the poppy seed crisps:⁠⁠ Slice a ciabatta loaf as thinly as you can using a serrated knife.⁠⁠ Place the bread on a shallow baking tray lined with baking paper, brush it with the rapeseed oil and top with poppy seeds⁠⁠.


Bake in an oven at 170C for 15 – 20 mins or until crispy.⁠⁠ Remove from oven and store in an airtight container once cooled to room temperature⁠⁠.


To Serve:⁠⁠ spoon hummus into desired serving bowl with the poppy seed crisps nearby and dig in!⁠⁠