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Mushy Pea & Parmesan Arancini with Slow Roasted Tomato and Rosemary Chutney


If you’re looking for the taste of Italy but with a twist, then these fabulous Mushy Peas Arancini balls are for you. With a delicious little tomato chutney on the side to just give you the feeling you’re sitting on the Amalfi coast.


You’ll need some
of these!

Hand writting



50g Batchelors Mushy Peas

250g arborio rice

100g diced white onion

10g vegetable oil

200ml white wine

500ml vegetable stock

80g parmesan

1 tbsp garlic puree

1 tsp salt

Pinch black pepper


250g plain flour

300g panko breadcrumbs

300ml milk

2x medium eggs

Tomato Chutney

100g finely diced red onion

10ml vegetable oil

280g sundried tomatoes

50g dark brown soft sugar

20ml white wine vinegar

1 tbsp garlic puree

Pinch salt

Pinch black pepper



For the arancini: Shallow fry the onionin the oil until soft then add in the aborio rice, salt and pepper. Lightly fry for a few minutes and add the garlic puree


Pour in the wine and it reduce by half and keep stirring so the rice doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan. Once the wine has reduced by half, pour in half the vegetable stock, lightly simmer until absorbed by the rice


Once the first half has been absorbed, pour in the second half of the vegetable stock and simmer until absorbed by the rice. If the rice is cooked with a little bite then move to next step, if it is still a little firm then add more water and simmer until the rice has absorbed it and is soft


Add in the parmesan and cracked black pepper, stir until the cheese has melted – leave to cool


Once cool fold in the mushy peas and roll the rice mix into balls approx. 50 grams each


To coat the rice balls, get three bowls ready with flour, egg and milk mix, and panko breadcrumbs. For your first ball, roll them in flour, then the egg and milk mix and finally panko breadcrumbs. Repeat for all balls.


Deep fry each arrancini ball at 180oc until golden and hot in the centre


For the chutney: Fry onions in oil until soft. Add in all other ingredients, apart from sundried tomatoes, and cook on a low heat for approx. 5 minutes


Add in the sundried tomatoes and cook on a low heat for another 5 minutes