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You’ll need some of these!

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Mushy Peas, Marmite and Mature Cheddar Toastie


Good things come in threes – which is why this Mushy Peas, Marmite and Vintage Mature Cheddar Toasted Sandwich is ticking all the boxes. Cheesy and deliciously rich (with a hint of sweetness from the peas) this is the sandwich to end all sandwiches!⁠


You’ll need some
of these!

Hand writting



60g Batchelors Mushy Peas

2x slices of white bread

40g mature cheddar

20g grated mozzarella

1 tbsp Marmite

20g butter



Butter one side of the slices of bread and place one slice of bread, butter side down on a board. Spread the peas on the bread


Mix the cheese and put it on top of the peas. On the other slice of bread spread marmite on the side that doesn’t have butter on it. Put the bread marmite side down on top of the cheese


Place a piece of non-stick baking paper in a frying pan. Place the sandwich into the pan and heat on a medium heat – place another slice of baking paper on top of the sandwich and another frying pan flat side down on top of the sandwich to squash it slightly


Once the bottom layer is browned flip the sandwich and cook until the second side Is brown.


Place sandwich in an oven, preheated to 180c and cook for 5 minutes until hot in the centre