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Prawn & Mushy Peas Toast with Hot & Sour Dipping Sauce


We’ve taken your standard prawn toast and taken it to the next level with these tasty Prawn & Mushy Peas Toasts. Inspired by Asian cuisine they’re simply to make and ready within 30 minutes. The perfect Friday fakeaway.



You’ll need some
of these!

Hand writting


Prawn and Pea Toast

150g Batchelors Mushy Peas

200g raw prawns

400ml sesame oil

5g garlic puree

5g ginger puree

1/4 tsp brown sugar

5ml light soy sauce

6x slices white bread

1x whole egg beaten

1x egg white

10g sesame seeds

Dipping Sauce

75ml light soy sauce

1x red chilli

2 tsp lime juice

1 tsp sesame oil

40g brown sugar

10ml white wine vinegar



For the toast: In a food processor, blend the prawns, garlic puree, ginger puree, egg white, brown sugar & soy sauce


Fold the mushy peas into the prawn paste then spread the mix over the slices of bread – stale bread works best for this recipe


Brush the beaten egg over the top of the prawn & pea mix and cover the top of the toasts with sesame seeds (the egg will stick them)


Heat up the sesame oil in a large pan to approx. 160/180c.


Place the bread mix side up and fry till browned. Flip the bread so that it is mix side down and cook until the prawn mix is cooked and the seeds have browned. Cut into quarters and serve with dipping sauce.


For the dipping sauce: Whisk all ingredients together until well mixed or if you don't have much time, just use a shop bought dipping sauce!